Google My Business, Maps & Bing

Which of the two Google results pages above would make you click on Mo's Motorcycles? Hopefully you answered "after". If so we can do this kind of job for just £35. If not then it might be worth you stopping reading and clicking something else instead 🙂

Mo's Motorcycles had limited presence on Google thanks to their lack of use of Google My Business. Within three days we had them a listing on the important right hand section of the search page. We can do this for any small business.

Importantly for Mo's Motorcycles, this means no one else can do it instead of them, that space is now claimed for them and them alone. It also helps them with their other Google search rankings as Google likes it when people help them out, and that's what putting your business on Google My Business does, it helps the Google 'machine'. Another piece of good news on this is that it sorts out your Google Maps listing as well (see below) which is just so important for businesses trying to sell locally.

If you would like your businesses Google listing to look as good as this get in touch here. We can do a similar job on Bing as well for a similar fee, or can do both  Google and Bing for combined one-off £50, perfect for small businesses and micro businesses on a budget. In fact, I would go so far that it is the best way to spend £50 of your small business marketing budget. Better than spending an extra £50 on your website, AdWords, photography, leaflets, posters or anything else that I can think of.

Anyway, at the end of the project (which should take no more than three or four days to complete) we will give you a log in so you can add content and photos to the page in the future. Again, Google likes it when you keep its stuff updated so this is a good thing for you to do, and we'll show you how to do it so you don't have to pay us.

Check out the Mo's Motorcycles mobile Google Maps example below, again achieved with the same one-off £35 fee as the Google search example above. Look how before we did the work it was bringing up an entirely different company! All sorted now...